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A long time ago I thought there was only one thing I could do for a living, which was completely ok for me at the time, because I knew I wanted to draw, design characters and bring them to life. Probably what I wished most in life was to work in Warner Brothers Studios.

But then one day I got an electric guitar and everything changed. Music got into my life and was never going to leave. When I finished highschool, I took a sabbatical year and locked myself up in my room to play the guitar for hours and hours. Me and my best friends started a band and we rehearsed at least 12 hours a week. Whenever we had holidays we lived in our drummer’s house and did nothing but play. We started playing live on tuesdays and then fridays and saturdays in the most popular places in Mexico City. The band needed flyers, a logo and some graphic design for the gigs so I was done; playing and drawing, that was all I wanted to do.

But after that year I had to choose a career. For me this meant choosing between music and drawing. I decided to go to University for a Graphic Design degree. Looking back on that big decision I can see that it meant saying goodbye to actively making music. I had lots of homework at the University and very limited time to play guitar. My friends thought I traded the one thing for the other so I was not in the game anymore. After University, when I started working, it was great to be in the industry of animation, but music was now really out of the picture; we had to work more than 12 hours a day, so when I sometimes tried playing in a band again it was actually too exhausting because I had to do it in the spare hours that were left after work. So one day I decided to start working as an independent freelancer, mostly to be able to do all I wanted with my own time, and to get music back into my life again. That worked out a little bit, but… I was still making my living with animation and music stayed a little on the sidelines.

All this time I kept thinking about how I could combine my passions for drawing and music. I happily and proudly think back on the time that I won a bass guitar signed by Roger Waters in a contest about the 20th anniversary of “Pink Floyd’s The Wall”, which is my all-time favorite movie. I had to quit my job to make that illustration, I won the contest, and then I even got my job back. Another time, in 1993 I made an Illustration of Metallica, which was then one of my favorite bands, and achieved to have it signed by them. Jason Newsted wrote: “Fucking Cool Isaac”. A third example of a beautiful way I was able to combine music and animation was when I made a videoclip, with the support of some friend artists, for a song of Sizu (current name for Rubén Albarrán at that time), frontman of Café Tacuba. All these 3 projects were satisfactory like no other, because they involve both music and image.

One night I woke up with an idea of friendly monsters playing music live. This idea in itself is nothing new, we have seen it on Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and Gorillaz. But what makes this idea different is that the monsters play live at physical spaces, where they can be seen by kids, interact with them through a rock show with lights and pirotechnics simulation and very powerful music. Music that gets to their heads and hearts, offering them nice messages of respect to nature in every way (animals, plants, people), friendship, education, supporting and helping, self consiousness about food, the environment, rejecting violence (domestical, bullying at school, social, racial).

What I love about this project is that it involves both music and image. And what I’m also very excited about, is that it’s a big cooperative project where many people work together; writers (music and stories), designers (characters, environments, clothes, props, etc.), conceptualizers, music composers, licensing, etc.

At the beginning of 2010, I started sketching and showing it to some kids and friends. The definitive designs are the ones I am presenting here. I wrote something about their personalities and even made them an interview to expose the way they interact with each other. Last year I had the great opportunity to obtain a scholarship for a course about creative and business matters in animation in Madrid. This project, Monsters of Rock, was the project I took with me for the pitchings. I presented it to people in the animation industry, creative people and business men and I received very good input, particularly by Victor López (Pocoyo) who gave me good advice about the production of the show and the possible approach through a series where the monsters could be introduced and where people could get to know them better.

In this first approach, I´m looking for people that could lift the project up; writters to develop the story, music director with rock background to give unity to the Monsters of Rock´s music, music producers that could develop a particular sound, and very important, business people capable of selling the projectt; placement, marketing, licensing, distribution and management of every process.
The second phase of this project includes giving it more narrative structure to take it to Annecy and present it to people in the industry of entertainment.

I hope you like them and I am looking forward to receive your comments and suggestions.

Thanks carnales.

Isaac Sandoval Capuchino

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